Commercial HVAC Repair Services

American Commercial Equipment Repair employs a proven set of technicians that have the skills and tools needed for commercial HVAC repair services in Blackwood, NJ. When your chiller is warming up, or your commercial heater is not keeping temperature, give us a call to request assistance. Your problem is diagnosed quickly and serviced during the same visit. All of our technicians are licensed and specially trained in repair, maintenance, and installation of any size or brand of system. We’re even available for emergency service, 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Ask your technician about our refrigeration equipment repairs and get a quote. Our team also offers commercial HVAC system replacements as well.

Preventative Maintenance Adds Value

Ask how our preventive maintenance programs can provide regular testing and maintenance of your building’s cooling and heating equipment, reducing the need for costly repairs or downtime. These contracts include a trained HVAC technician to maintain critical elements of your system, allowing you to identify and address problems before they become critical to the business operation. Services we offer include but not are limited to:

  • Commercial HVAC System Replacements
  • HVAC Preventative Maintenance Agreements
  • Chiller Repair

Improving the Efficiency of Facilities

Every member of our team knows that facilities need to operate efficiently and without interruption, including the HVAC system. Studies show that routine maintenance not only dramatically reduces the frequency of HVAC system repairs but also extends the life of the system, saving you further expenses. Our group proudly offers a wide array of maintenance agreements to suit our various commercial customers’ needs. From filter changes to full coverage maintenance agreements, we have you covered.

Inspections are vital to a commercial HVAC system, as they keep it operating at peak performance levels during the height of summer temperatures. We offer Inspection Plus HVAC preventative maintenance agreements, sized to fit any system or budget. Tailored to suit the individual needs of each system, our Inspection Plus agreement will guarantee you a dedicated team of licensed technicians to perform standard routine inspections.

The technician will make recommendations on repairs or equipment replacement as needed on a written report, which allows you to make informed decisions about your HVAC system. Whether you just need routine filter changes or are looking for an annual HVAC system tune-up, we will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Contact us today for responsive commercial HVAC repair services that won’t disrupt your operation. We proudly serve customers in Blackwood, New Jersey, and Brooklyn, New York, and surrounding communities